Ric Jonstone - What a life


A Short Outline of the Story of the Life of Daryl Richard Johnstone, known for most of his life as Ric.

Daryl Richard Johnstone was born on the 30th of November 1933 at Carlton, Victoria, Australia, his father was Richard William Cecil Johnstone of Scottish decent, but born in London, his mother maiden name Sylvia Handley was of Irish decent, the marriage broke up when Daryl (Ric) was about four years old, his father took Daryl and his sister Sylvia who was two years older than Daryl to Western Australia where they spent their early years growing up on a small farm which was owned by Daryl’s father’s sister Rose’s husband Will Morse in what was then a semi-rural are called Redcliffe now a residential area and close to Perth Airport which is about half hour drive from Perth.

The little farm consisted of about three or four paddocks each of about three or four acres, one paddock was devoted to chickens and was well fenced off and enclosed with seven foot high chicken wire and had chicken coops ( sheds with concrete floors and perches) and about five hundred chickens.

Selling chickens and dressed poultry was the main function of the farm although it was never called a chicken farm it also had an orchard where there were several different kinds of fruit including beds of strawberries and gooseberries and it seemed as though there was always something in season.

The farm also had one cow and a calf at heel it had one old retired draught horse and a much younger horse a military whaler which uncle Will who was also born in England and was once a London Bobbie used to ride as he was a officer in the 10th light horse of Western Australia and after the war he would lead the ANZAC Day parade through the streets of Perth on that horse which was called Mary.

Ric’s father Richard known as Dick first got to Australia in 1922 as a merchant seaman aboard an English freighter, Dick and his younger brother George had served together in the British Army in France during the first world war, both were wounded and repatriated back to England where George died of his wounds but Dick survived a fractured skull and a broke wrist and was after some recuperation time discharged from the British Army with a miniscule pension, he later re enlisted and saw service in Ireland as a  black and tan, Dick also had service during the second world war in Australia in the RAAF.

After arriving back in London in 1922 and having had a good look around Sydney he decided that the whole family should move to Sydney and he persuaded them to do so.